Advice about first season

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Advice about first season

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Hi Everyone,

Our 10 month old is experiencing her first season. She is only the second bitch we have owned. She acted rather strange last night and wondered if anyone can advise?

Sadie (our Golden) woke us in the night asking to go out. She went out, had a pee, then walked, sniffed and did it again. This carried on for a good while. Once back inside, she didn't settle and asked to go out again. Lots of sniffing and urinating. She did settle for about three hours and when I got up, she was in and out doing exactly the same as in the night. When back in the house she pee'd on the floor.

I thought, water infection. My husband thinks it may be because she is in season. Sadie is still playing, tail up and eating. She always drinks a lot - water everywhere!
My husband looks after her through the day and says she settled as normal after I left for work. Tonight she has asked to go out more often but hasn't displayed the sniffing and frequent urinating and hasn't done anything in the house.

I have rung the vet and made an appointment for 'early doors', just in case. I have washed out a plastic tub in case I have follow her and collect some dribbles.

I've been reading tonight that females in season can begin to urinate more. So I am just a little worried. Our last dog didn't have anything like this, she just went very quiet when in season.

Has anyone any experience of this, please?

Many thanks, Sadie's Mum

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