Epilepsy update

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Epilepsy update

Post by bentley »

As you know poor old Bentley developed epilepsy this time last year. Since then we have been monitoring his progress and reached a stage when we reluctantly decided that he'd have to go on medication as he was fitting about once a fortnight.

in a last ditch attempt to avoid potentially harmful drugs we took him to a homoeopathic vet in Manchester. She prescribed a course of nine tablets. Nine? Really? That's it? Yup, that was it apart from a remedy to give him if we thought a seizure was imminent.

He managed two whole months without a seizure. Yay! Then they started again. Sigh.

We repeated the process with the nine tablets and the acute remedy - which is actually belladonna. When I asked for it at the health shop they were very curious why I wanted it. Obviously thought I wanted to poison someone. Again we had good results and broke the two week cycle but still not good enough.

Then. One night a couple of weeks ago I accidentally left the bedroom door ajar. In the early hours of the morning I was woken up by a massive wet slobbery kiss, from Bentley, not from Bob. Then he jumped on and off the bed a few times, he's not allowed on the bed and never normally tries to get on it, and then he ran downstairs and polished off the cat's food.

"That's funny. Something wrong here." I realised immediately that he was abut to have a seizure, ran downstairs, wrapped a belladonna tablet in a bit of bread and gave it to my normally very gentle dog who nearly took my fingers with off. He was desperate to get upstairs but that was too dangerous so I sat at the bottom of the stairs while he paced the floor. Eventually he calmed down enough to lie down and we both lay on the floor while I gently stroked his head. Half an hour later there was still no seizure and he was behaving normally again. RESULT!!

That same evening the same thing happened. Again I gave him belladonna and the seizure that was minutes away was averted.

Now the bedroom door is left open every night. Not that he's taking full advantage of it or anything. He creeps upstairs in the middle of the night and sleeps on the floor at my side of the bed. I pretend not to notice he's there because I'm much happier knowing that if anything happens I can help immediately. Serendipity, eh? If I hadn't accidentally left the door open that night he wouldn't have been able to let me know something was wrong. What a clever dog. :thumbsup: :1971

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Re: Epilepsy update

Post by superjazz »

Thanks for that update on Bentley, so pleased to read that the homeopathy is having such a profound effect. Having had the pleasure of meeting him it is a great result for such a fine young lad.
Pat , Syd & Katie

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Re: Epilepsy update

Post by janrobinson »

You are doing so well with him and I hope this continues to work for you :love4

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