Catch up time

As we all have dogs and may want to take them with us... have you any suggestions for holdiay destinations etc that are dog friendly and where you had a great time?

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Re: Catch up time

Post by Samsmum »

Thank you for your good wishes, Lynn,
I am looking forward to this break, albeit only for four days.
I know Sam will enjoy himself. When we are about 1/4 mile
from the camp site, which is on a working farm, he gets quite excited! It must be the smell of the cows!!!
Just want the weather to continue.
Must learn how to put pictures in - will try when I come back.
Best wishes - Joyce.
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Re: Catch up time

Post by hairydog »

Glad you had a good time Lynne,and love the video, :) what is it about Goldens they always have people stop to say hello to them we have recently just come back from Suffolk and one day we were in Ely, looking around the town and stopped outside a cafe for a cuppa, whilst outside with our two people kept stopping to say hello, one couple we got talking to were from Devon, and had just lost their golden and it was their first holiday without her, and said they didnt want to do "puppy" again so I suggested Rescue they didnt think any goldens were in rescue.!! so I explained and they said they would definately think of rescue when they get back home...:)
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Re: Catch up time

Post by lynn wise »

Hi Kathryn, glad you and yours had a lovely time.
Like you, it always gets to me when people have lost their beloved Golden, your heart goes out to them.
Whenever we are away from home, it amazes us the number of people that stop and say hello to the dogs, and then some say that they have recently lost theirs. We recently met a lovely lady in Filey with her grandson, a lovely young chap. They just had to come up and ask if they could say "hello" to W & W. The lady had just lost her Golden and was feeling quite raw, she also couldn't face bringing on another puppy. We forget how much you need to put into one, especially as we get longer in the tooth! and are used to an older dogs ways.
The lady was quite surprised to learn that ours were from Rescue, but it gave her food for thought.
I often think, if we can only get one more into a nice home, I've done my bit to convince others to the delights of having a Rescue Golden.
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