Light food recomendation?

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Light food recomendation?

Post by julie »

Hi All,

Could anybody recomend a 'light' meal that i can try with Honey.

Her weight crept up last year after she was spayed and had some mamory masses removed and so she could do with losing a couple of kilos although the vet says she's not too overweight.

She does like both tinned meat and biscuits but she won't eat any biscuits that are all the same shape / colour - they can stay in the bowl for hours and remain untouched.

Any suggestions would be great - thanks.
Cobi and Ginnies Mum

What we tried we Jasmine

Post by Cobi and Ginnies Mum »

When we has Jasmine come to live with us aged 10 her weight was 36 kilos, she was a very tall dog, long in length and had an enormous beautiful head for a female, but she was overweight, but had not been spayed until she developed pyometria at the age of 11. We put her on James Wellbeloved Senior Light with two teaspoons of tuna (brine drained off) and bulked it out with raw carrots, which she came to love as a treat as well as the odd chew or biscuit, as you know Goldens can make you feel really guilty with their eyes and their manners, I think they call it 'pester power' with children! She was down to 30 kilos without being starved even after having to have her spayed, Jasmine also had a couple of teats removed with a couple of lumps but all was Ok with the result.
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Ellas mum
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Post by Ellas mum »

With our first golden, LEIGH,we had a huge problem with her diet and had tried everything. She developed colitis so our vet recommended a dry, all in one food and she was fine after that. When we brought ELLA home from the rescue she was very underweight. Again we put her on an all in one,(gluten free etc) her weight came back up to around 27-28K. We had her spayed and were warned that she would put weight on fast. The vet told us to cut down on the amount we gave her and it's kept between 27-28k. He suggested we bring her in to be weighed every couple of weeks or so (free of charge) which we do. She's used to it now, makes straight for the scales :lol: Only other thing she gets is plain rice when we are having some. You just have to get past the 'pester power and pleading looks) :(

Best of luck :)
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Post by janrobinson »

I have always had all mine neutered and have just cut down the amount they have. I always feed a complete and three times a day. A handful morning & dinnertime and a cupful at teatime. They get vegetables when I am cooking and the odd treat. If they seem to be putting weight on I cut down for a while and vice versa. Many people have tried these light diets and they haven't worked as they are not a miracle cure but it really does depend on how much you give them. When they have been spayed their body can not seem to use food the same and they seem to store it as fat. Is this any help ?? bear in mind my dogs are 12 & 13 so a younger neutered Golden would need considerably more food.
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lynn wise
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Post by lynn wise »

To be honest, like Jan' I think the answer is volume. Cut back on the ammount fed, and do an a.m and p.m feed. I've also found that the time of year can add weight. Don't now why, they always get the same exercise.
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Post by hairydog »

We had this problem with Paddy when he was nuetered vet suggested Hills prescription R/D it is full of fibre and fills them up both dry and canned whichever you prefer,he did lose a lot, have to say and did keep him satisfied, you can get it from your vet or buy on line....also like Jan I give mine veggies etc they both love swede&carrot mashed... :)

Watch out for the poos though.. :oops:
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