The Bridge

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The Bridge

Post by julie »

We walk a lot along the canals nearby. There are lots of bridges like this one


We have tried to get Ruby to cross but she won't, Honey, Dan and Sam would all go straight over. She pulls back and lies down. If I go accross or onto it to coax her, she barks but more a stressed bark than a normal one, I've tried using treats, Ruby first up, following me etc... If we can cross, there more walks we can do.

She's up and downstairs in the house without a thought and there's similar steps but against an earth bank on another walk that she will use. We do "look" at the bridges when we reach them and she has seen other people and dogs cross.

Has anyone ever come across this? Any advice? Thanks.
Cobi and Ginnies Mum

Re: The Bridge

Post by Cobi and Ginnies Mum »

Not a very helpful answer I'm afraid.......... don't think I could walk over that....too open for me.

Ginnie won't go through a stile, under or over it, unless Les picks her up, neither would she go through the tunnel at dog training classes,a model of excellence at 'weaving' and sitting and waiting for us to go through the door/gate. :1960
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lynn wise
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Re: The Bridge

Post by lynn wise »

No help I'm afraid Julie. Our 2 are both brilliant with things like that, not a care. Our previous dogs have been a mixed lot though. Bracken wouldn't "do", brakes on, no chance. Holly would go over but shook and cried, mum says it's O.k. so I'd better try, sort of attitude. All the others fine. Timber would just look and get on with it, lots to do on the other side.
Try someone in front and someone behind, the front one with treats and lots of praise, she just might do it. Don't push it though if she is really afraid, do more harm than good.

Ruby does look lovely, really thrilled for you.
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Re: The Bridge

Post by janrobinson »

I think the same as Lynn, could do more harm than good to push it. Sometimes there is no reason, as with us when we have a fear of something. Not worth making it worse. :2005:
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