Holly and other dogs

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Holly and other dogs

Post by patnpaul »

Hello all. We have just been away for the weekend to meet some friends who have just got a 16 month old retriever bitch. Holly has usually been very friendly around other dogs, but when they met Holly was very aggressive. We have been walking with them all weekend and they have calmed down a little but there is still some agression there between them. The younger dog has now learned to give as she gets when Holly snarles and chases. Is this normal ??? I was very surprised as she has not displayed this kind of behavior before and we have thought of possibly having another one to keep her company. Any thoughts please ?

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Post by janrobinson »

It is probably just that one, if she usually gets on with other dogs.Not every dog gets on with every other dog. You don't know if the young one was cheeky or rude to her. We don't know what they say to each other. The same with people we can take an instant dislike to some people who we have only just met and that doesn't go away. So just because she isn't enamoured with this one doesn't mean she wont like another one. Just got to find the right one.
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Ginnie has ben 'duffed up' by a friends dog twice

Post by Cobi and Ginnies Mum »

Our older dog Ginnie has been 'duffed up' a couple of times by a caravanning friends collie bitch, and for no reason whatsoever (I think it is fear agression on the collies part) and now there is no love lost between them, as far as Ginnie is concerned it's unfinished business, mind you Ginnie doesn't just take it, BUT she doesn't hold any grudge against other collie dogs which seems strange, so there must be the same instant dislike as humans have that you can't give a reason for. On the other hand she isn't too keen on long haired german shepherds or lassie dogs so something has happenened in her previous life.
I have always worried when going to see Jan when we've gone up to get another pal for the remaining dog, just in case there are grizzles and the 'new kid' is not accepted, it only took a day before Abigail accepted Ginnie, and immediately for Ginnie and Cobi to love each other.( It was a couple of months before 3 yr old Gemma accepted her daughter Jade and they played together)
The pecking order can be seen when my friend comes round with her 2 year old and 14 year old goldens, the older one settles down for a quiet comfy place,and if the others play too close, they are told off. Ginnie looks at Cobi as much to say 'you can deal with the youngster' and Cobi obliges by bashing Megan, but they all have respect for 14 year old Lottie and never have a go at her when she has told them off.
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Post by hairydog »

Same here our Lucy for some reason doesnt like some white west highland terriers, and yet a neighbour has one and she is ok with this particular one.
Thing is they never forget do they??
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