Pain, Arthritis, tablets and medicine for dogs.....

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Cobi and Ginnies Mum

Pain, Arthritis, tablets and medicine for dogs.....

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Ginnie whom we had from Jan nearly 10 years ago has been prescribed Onsior, last week it was 40mg and last night it was halved to 20mg to see how she gets on with a lower dose, after much discussion last week (the vet at first wanted to give her Metacam, she was a little taken aback when I asked for some other drug than Metacam as non of our 'past' dogs has got on with this) We have known that Ginnie has arthritis, when her cruciate ligament snapped in her right leg, the vet who operated informed us that she had a lot of arthritis and that was 8 years ago. she has had Rimadyl on and off over these years as and when she needed it (usually after scrabbling over rocks on the seashore)

Onsior is a fairly new drug supposedly with little side effects, the usual 'upset' tummies and 'appetite' problems have not yet occured, the one thing that I thought we might have trouble with, was getting Ginnie to eat it without it being wrapped or pushed into food, it has to be given on an empty stomach(she has been known to leave a glucosamine or evening primrose capsule in her bowl, and then it's devoured by a greedy Cobi ) these tablets are flavoured and she quite happily takes them.
The two vets that we have seen are undergoing an acupuncture course shortly, so we may enlist our Ginnie, for some treatment, both of us have acupuncture, I prefer this to numerous drugs for R.Arthritis.

She is getting up slightly quicker from her rest, AND she can still run faster than both of us (her hearing is slightly more than selective deafness now we think) So we both get a 'powerwalk' when she's on her mission, in search of water. :1958:
Playtime when Cobi has stolen the toy she had in her possession it's still no holds barred even though Cobi is strong and knows she can push Ginnie backwards and 'dump her on her bum' Ginnie turns Cobi over onto her back ( like an alligator) and stands four square over her until she submits and lets go of either the toy or a mouthful of her fur !!! :1960:
not bad for a girl who maybe 12 or 13 yrs. :1942:

Re: Pain, Arthritis, tablets and medicine for dogs.....

Post by gilliedew »

I was interested in your Goldies medication

We had much the same with Oliver in his last few months. However, we moved about a year ago and changed vets. Oliver was given Carprodyl F and this seemed to give him a new lease of life.

He even began to run again after months of slowly walking, it was so touching to see the old boy beginning to get his energy back or it might have been the analgesic effects and less pain for him.

My hip is giving me gip, I wish I could have something as good as Carprodyl was for him. :2005:
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